Classic Christian Rock album from Joseph, Angel, and the 11th hour band 
Album Notes
Joseph and Angel are known for a variety of music with no-compromise Christian lyrics bringing the Gospel in music. This "Jesus Rocks" album (released 2014) is just that - Classic Rock with a style unique to Joseph and Angel, finishing with a heartfelt ballad on the last track (When I See You).  A first for this this album compared to our previous ones is that it highlights the 11th Hour Band - which is our family band. They've been in parts of our prior releases, but this album brings them all in for the entire album as they have matured into excellent and skillful musicians. Each of them gets to showcase with solo's in the song "The Man from Galilee". Stephanie is on bass, Andrew on drums, Daria on keyboards, Joseph is on guitar (and also keyboards) and lead vocals are by either Joseph or Angel with backup vocals from Stephanie and Daria, along with Angel or Joseph if not singing leads.

As usual, Angel's powerful vocals shine in two favorites in particular "I've Got the Guts" and "There is a Way" and she also brings forth her amazing vocal talents in the other songs that she leads. Another fan favorite that showcases both Joseph and Angel is "Curtains for You" where Angel's vocals in the last chorus in particular where she really lets it loose.

This album is full of favorites and its tough to pick out the best ones. "You Really Need a Savior" is one that is powerful in both lyrics and music. "Heaven Yes, Hell No" with its blues rock feel and it's challenging lyrics is far from the average christian music fare. There is less "style variety" on this album than typical albums from Joseph and Angel, but the uncompromising message of the gospel is clear throughout.

Jesus Rocks


There Is a Way

The Man from Galillee

Looking Up

You Really Need a Savior

Heaven Yes, Hell No

I've Got the Guts

Burnin Bush

Curtains for You
Sitting In Your Presence

When I See You